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higher ground.

Our experiences show that retreats spent in natural surroundings are significantly more impactful than conventional meetings held within a boardroom or hotel. Engaging in a mountainous adventure alongside your team ensures genuine and profound connections, which are vital for unlocking a team’s highest potential.


This form of intervention cultivates a remarkable sense of both personal and shared comprehension, leading to a substantial enhancement in team cohesion and the fostering of a spirit of collaborative progress.


Through our accumulated knowledge, we confidently assert that mountains serve as impeccable reflections of one’s inner landscape. The inspiring natural surroundings induce humility, and coupled with an extended period of disconnecting from the digital realm, individuals draw nearer to their genuine selves and aspirations.


Based on mutual trust trust and openness, we will collaboratively unearth and nurture your personal objectives.


We offer a range of established programs, and additionally, we are fully capable of tailoring unique solutions that cater precisely to your distinct needs.

Snowshoe & Fondue outing

Looking for a nice way to celebrate the
end of the year with your colleagues?

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Company events Switzerland

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