Transitioning from corporate life to a passion for the mountains. As a Swiss Alps-trained Mountain Leader, I bring the thrill of the outdoors to clients’ experiences. Discover snowshoe trips and year-round tours for corporate and private groups

About Mountful Hikes

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Answering the Call of the Mountains – From Corporate to Alpine Passion

With an academic and corporate background, my love for the outdoors remained unwavering. Now, as a trained Mountain Leader in the Swiss Alps, I channel that passion to enrich my clients’ mountain experiences.


When I was five, my parents took me skiing for the first time. To me, the snow-covered mountains were the ultimate playground. Living in the Netherlands, I wondered why mountains weren’t my backyard.


However I followed the beaten track, went to University, studied Law and French and started my career as a lawyer…I experienced though that it is very tough to work long hours if you don’t feel the passion.
So after a few side roads (company lawyer, new business developer, entrepreneur),
I finally followed my heart, became a ski-instructor and signed up for the International Mountain Leader training course in Switzerland, which I have completed in 2018.


Winter months see me guiding snowshoe excursions for both corporate and private groups. During the rest of the year I organize one or multiple day tours.

Please note: for private clients I have another website: