Leadership Trails

Swiss Alps

At least 3 days

Not difficult but a decent level of fitness is required

Mountain hut, Mountain hotel, tent

Leadership Trails

Our trails are a journey of exploration and development and will give you the opportunity to build collaborative skills and grow.


During your immersive mountain experience, the true nature of each team member is revealed, highlighting areas that require collective attention and change. This process fosters a shared commitment to addressing any unproductive traits.


Each participant assumes a role in guiding the group through the mountains, honing observational skills and responsiveness to fellow members’ needs, capabilities, and expectations. Effective communication, mutual support, obstacle overcoming, and facing real challenges are all embraced together.


While traversing the trails alongside your corporate team, we focus on the overall team dynamics and behaviour, actively coaching the group in real-time action. Simultaneously, individuals find space to refine their leadership abilities, reflect on their personal influence, and receive gentle guidance for improvement.


Join our Female Leadership Trail in Wallis, Switzerland, from September 7-10, for a unique opportunity to learn from diverse professionals and perspectives. (Contact us for more details or to secure your spot!)


Our Leadership Trails empower you to nurture your personal leadership capabilities amidst the mountains, propelling your learning curve by stepping beyond your comfort zone.”

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Harnessing the Mountains as Facilitators and Catalysts

Our journey of development is uniquely guided and catalyzed by the majestic mountains themselves. Complementing this natural influence, our team of dedicated human facilitators, including a skilled coach and an experienced mountain leader, will curate a tailor-made expedition for your group.

Before embarking on the trail, our coach will engage with your team members to ensure that the upcoming experience aligns seamlessly with your objectives and anticipates your desired outcomes. This personalized approach guarantees that our trail is finely tuned to meet your needs and deliver the transformative results you seek.


Program examples:

1. Back to Nature (wild camping)

2. Peaks & Perspectives (trekking from hut to hut)

3. Basecamp de Luxe (day trips from a luxurious mountain hotel)

The Lateral Space

I’ve teamed up with Lateral Space, an innovative boutique consultancy with a penchant for adventure. Their adept consultants have steered numerous teams and leaders toward remarkable advancements.

Aligned in our values, we are committed to:

  1. Cultivating transformative capacities in individuals, teams, and organizations.
  2. Creating a secure space for team members to exchange ideas, explore possibilities, and nurture curiosity.
  3. Honouring personal and organizational boundaries in all our endeavors.
  4. Nurturing openness and transparency to foster personal, team, and organizational growth.
  5. Revering nature’s potency while basking in the splendor of our planet’s beauty.

Discover a partnership that embodies shared values, propelling growth and innovation.



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